Friday, November 21, 2008

Party On Grace!

Gracie is wearing this wig because:

a) She is auditioning for a role in a new Mike Myers movie...Wayne's World Reunited.

b) She is getting ready to go to the mullet festival.

c) Sarah Palin is her idol.

d) Her dad thinks it's hilarious. He promised to pay her $10 if she would wear it for an entire day.

e) She wants to look like "Gabriella" when she goes to see HSM3 for her Birthday.

Here's a hint:
Notice the matching "T as in Troy" necklaces.

I won the mean mom award that day when I told her the "Gabriella" wig had to wait for us in the car while we went to the movie. I did allow the Gabriella doll to join us against my better judgement since it was Gracie's Birthday. Um, yeah. Let's just say that wasn't the best decision I've ever made. Gracie, Sophie, and "Gabriella" were all belting out the songs at the top of their lungs during the movie. Then one of Gabriella's little white shoes went missing. Gracie was crawling around on the filthy theater floor, rummaging through all the spilled popcorn looking for the precious lost shoe. I'm sure some of our fellow movie goers were ready to strangle us all by the time the movie was over. Gracie refused to leave the theater until the shoe was found. An employee finally took pity on her (and me) and helped us look for the missing shoe with his little flashlight.

Next stop...Chuck E. Cheese. (Yes, the wig had to wait in the car - again!)

After dinner, we had to pick up a couple of things at Target. I finally caved and let her wear the wig inside. I wish I had a copy of the surveillance video taken that night. Hopefully some security guard out there got a good laugh out of us.

The next day we had the grandparents and some cousins over for cupcakes and ice cream.

Gracie got the HSM3 soundtrack from Keri and Mike and a new microphone from Kelton. Soon there was a major dance party going on in the basement. The Gabriella wig made another appearance.

Even the boys (big and little) were dancing and singing. Oh how I wish I had it all on video. Sam won my vote as best dancer that night. I had no idea he could shake it like that. Go Sam!

Happy Birthday Gracie! (Party on!)


Krista Useche said...

Triple H,

Cute kids! Happy Birthday Grace! Diego and I are going to be in Park City for the holidays. We are going down today and we will be there for an entire week. We would love to see you!


stephanie said...

happy birthday Gracie! WOW, that wig is fantastic(heavy on the sarcasm) Steve and Ellen's gift for Addie has already been purchased. I let Addie pick it out. She chose Hannah Montana outfit and wig. I can't wait to see what black hannah montana looks like.

I like the cupcake cake. that is way cute!

Hollie and Colby said...

Looks like Gracie had a GREAT birthday! She is such a big cutie! Give her a huge huge from us and Baby Reuben!

Hollie and Colby said...

A huge huge hug, that is!

Heather said...

Hey Krista,

I'd love to get together. I'll send you an email.

Hendricksonblog said...

It looks like fun. Sam is a mover and shaker. Too bad Dave didnt come, he would have won the dance contest for sure. The kids had a great time.

Mom and Dad said...

I can't believe Adam didn't make the cut for a blog picture with his outstanding and wild dancing! We loved watching the kids and even had fun carting 4 of them up there in Heidi's suburban.

Kroegers Calling said...

We do live paralell lives!! Caitlyn wore the same shirt for her birthday. I miss you guys. We need to meet for a weekend or something.

Susie said...

Okay...the wig is hilarious!!! Totally cracks me up!!!

The Wilson Family said...

LOVE the wig! ;) Sounds like Gracie had an awesome birthday! I was laughing (and dying) while reading about the great search for the lost shoe. I could almost hear Gracie sticking to the theater floor! LOL! You're such a cute mom!

Chad said...

I love Chuck E Cheese!

Christi said...

The mullet wig is killin'! Too much fun! Adam looks especially good in it too! I haven't braved HSM3 yet, I'm sure I'll cave soon...

Corey and Ang said...


That is hilarious! I'm glad to see that my girls aren't the only ones obsessed with HSM! Gracie is so adorable, she is even cute with a mullett!! Hope to see you soon!

Hollie and Colby said...

Happiest of birthday wishes for you Ms. Heather!

You remain my oldest, dearest, and most talented friend! We are forever tied in the sunny web of childhood and for that I am grateful to no end.

I love you much!

Hollie P

Chad said...

Why oh why did you stop your blogging ways? Have you been abducted by aliens? I wish you were still here on earth with us instead of in that alien ship. Stupid aliens.

The Sumsions said...

I miss you Heather. I won't complain about you not blogging because I myself have not blogged in over a year. Oh well, right? I just wanted to tell you Merry Christmas and I hope you are doing well :)