Friday, May 23, 2008

Last Day

Life has been crazy around here the past few weeks. We've had all the typical end-of-the-year programs, graduations, recitals, field trips, etc. And on top of all that Relief Society has been completely insane the last couple of weeks. We've had one BIG funeral, 3 babies born, 2 other deaths, and a bunch of other stuff I won't bore you with. I don't have a compassionate service leader right now, so I've been running around like a crazy woman. In all the chaos, blogging and e-mails have kinda been put on the back burner. I guess I'll just jump in where we are now and maybe do a catch up post or two later next week.

Today was the last day of school. Yes, "summer" vacation is officially upon us. Somehow it doesn't feel like summer though. It was a chilly 41 degrees when I dropped Dallin off at school for his last day. Yesterday was his field day. I sent him to school in his winter coat...not exactly my idea of summer.

Yesterday was Gracie's last day of preschool. We've been sending our kids there for 3 years now. I was pretty excited when I wrote out the last big check earlier this month. It had me dreaming of all the ways I could spend that extra money every month. But then I started feeling a little sentimental when I picked her up for the last time yesterday. It's hard to believe that we are "done" with this stage of life. Next year both kids will be in elementary school. When they were babies, it seemed like this day would never come. It felt like I would spend eternity feeding, wiping, bouncing, rocking, and changing diapers of fussy (but adorable) babies - and all of this on little to no sleep.

OK, I think that's enough sentimental talk for one day.

So anyway, I wanted to have a fun afternoon with the kids today to celebrate the last day of school. We planned to go swimming and out for pizza with some friends. The kids started fighting, whining, and complaining the moment I picked Dallin up for school. We had total and complete meltdown when both pairs of swimming goggles turned up missing. One kid was in time out for the better part of the afternoon, and the other one was hysterical because they were missing out on the swimming.

When emotions had calmed and tempers were finally under control we set out to get some new goggles. Two stores later we bought 2 pairs and raced back to the car thinking that we could still make it to the pool. One pair of goggles didn't fit which led to more tears and tantrums. We traded the goggles for a new pair, but I was DONE! Instead of going to the pool, I drove straight home. (Call me crazy, but I really didn't think I should reward this kind of behavior.)

I have a feeling I'm in big trouble if the first couple of hours of summer vacation are any indication of what's in store the next couple of months.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Bye Bye Training Wheels!

Dallin has never had an interest in riding his bike before. He always said he'd rather ride his scooter....or "maybe next year." We took his training wheels off a couple weekends ago, but we didn't have much luck getting him to ride. Today after school he asked me to help him practice. I think he was inspired by Hunter. (Either that or the circus rig really had an effect on him. LOL!) I helped him for a minute or two, then he hopped on his bike and basically took off riding on his own.

I knew Adam would be more excited that Dallin was. He lives to bike and I think it was killing him that his kid had no interest in it whatsoever. He left work a little early and told Dallin we were going out to dinner to celebrate. Next stop was the bike shop to get Dallin a new helmet just like dad's.

We went on a family bike ride after dinner and he was riding like an old pro. Now if we could just get Gracie riding...I have a feeling it's going to be a while.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Circus is in Town!

This is what our family bike ride looked like on Saturday.

Adam thought it was a good-looking rig. I told him it reminded me of a circus act.

When we started out on the bike ride, I was a good 100 yards behind the "rig" - partly because I was laughing so hard that I could barely pedal, and partly because I didn't want to be seen with the "rig." LOL! I know Adam doesn't mind, but personally I really don't enjoy calling attention to myself. And let's be honest, a "rig" like this isn't exactly subtle. I mean how could you NOT notice something like this cruising down the street?

I'm afraid our poor neighbors had no idea that they were moving in next to the 3-ring circus. I'm sure all the responsible adults just cringed when they saw us ride by. Some of them probably even started making plans to put their homes up for sale. Ha Ha!

But by Monday evening every kid in the neighborhood was waiting in line and begging for a turn on the circus bike. Another dad on the street even helped Adam attach a 2nd trailer to the rig so that it could accomodate a couple more passengers.

They went round and round, over jumps, through fields, and even through the sprinklers. The kids were raising their hands and screaming like they were riding a roller coaster.

Who needs Disneyland when Adam's around?

Friday, May 02, 2008

And the Winner Is....

Picture #1!

Thanks everyone for e-mailing and posting feedback here on the pictures! I tallied up all the votes and #1 was the hands-down favorite. #4 and #5 tied for 2nd.

I guess I misunderstood the rules though. I thought the employee told me you could either submit photos electronically OR with an 8x10 print. I assumed that I could just send a pic in via e-mail. As I was filling out the entry form this morning, I noticed it said an 8x10 print AND an electronic copy. Yes, it was an AND, not an OR. I was also surprised to find out that submitting "electronically" didn't include e-mail. No, they wanted the photo burned to a CD. Nothing's ever as quick and simple as I think it's going to be.

I didn't have time to go to Costco today, which is where I usually print my pics, so I thought I would try out the one hour photo at the new Walgreens in town. Let's just say that wasn't the best move I've ever made! Either the colors and lighting on my laptop are WAAAAAAY off, or the photo processing was. The whole photo was really dark and Gracie's skin was bright orange. Dallin looked at the print after school and said with a bit of disgust, "Well, it looks like we're not winning this contest, are we mom?" I pretended to be hurt by that comment, but I was secretly laughing on the inside. I'm sure he's right!

Dark, orangey print or not, I still submitted the picture. I decided it would be good for Dallin to see me lose. LOL! He had a hard time when he wasn't a top winner in the Reflections Contest at school. He got an Honorable Mention, but he was still devastated that he didn't "win." I tried telling him that it didn't matter to me whether he won or not, I thought he was a winner just for trying. So this this photo contest seemed like the perfect opportunity to put my money where my mouth is and show him that I'm OK with not winning too.

The pictures are supposed to be judged by the visitors at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens for the next month or so. The winners will be notified by mail on July 1st. I'm not holding my breath. LOL!

But still...

Ticket to tulip festival - $10.00

CD - $1.00

8x10 photo - $2.50

Priority Mail Delivery - $4.60

Teaching your kid that winning isn't everything - "PRICELESS!"

Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Flowers

So if April showers bring May flowers, what does a May snowstorm bring?

Yes, we woke up to more snow on the ground this morning. I've about given up on my daffodils and tulips this Spring. They just don't stand a chance with the weather we've been having.

Last week, Adam and Dallin went on a little guys only trip to Moab. We took Sophie home on Thursday night, so Friday I wanted to take Gracie out for a little one-on-one time. She's a big flower fan, so we decided to hit the tulip festival. We also did a little window shopping, and had dinner at Cafe Rio. (I'm so glad she loves the salad there as much as I do!)










Thanksgiving Point is having a photography contest from the tulip festival. The winner of each division gets an annual pass to Thanksgiving Point, so I was thinking that I might submit a photo in the amateur adult division. I know it's a long shot, but I figure it can't hurt to try - right?

So I need your help deciding - which picture (if any) should I submit? (You can click on the pictures to see them a little bit larger.) I'm leaning towards #s 2-5, but I really just can't make up my mind. I'd love to have some feedback! (Tomorrow, May 2, is the deadline to submit photos.)