Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kindergarten 'ssessment

Today we took her in for her Kindergarten "'ssessment" test. She's been a little bit anxious about the "test" - so much so that she was insisting for a while that she wasn't going to Kindergarten if she had to take the test.

To ease her anxiety, I let her sign her own name to schedule the appointment on back to school night. She put her little "John Hancock" down for Friday at 9:30. Fabulous, I thought! Until I discovered that I would be delivering food orders on Friday at 9:30. (You'd think I'd never done this before...) I called the school to reschedule and they had an opening, but we had to be there in less than half an hour.

So off we went to the school where she showed them everything she's forgotten since preschool. LOL! No seriously, she did fine, but she really had forgotten more than I had realized over the summer. I suddenly felt like a slacker mom for going all summer without doing any writing with her. Oops! But we did have lots of fun together the last 3 months. That's got to count for something...right?

Dallin was a total crack-up when I took him in for his assessment 2 years ago. When the teacher asked him how high he could count he replied, "I can count waaaaay past 1,000, but I just don't think you have time for that." LOL!

Anyone who knows Gracie knows that she has never been one to be outdone. She had her own funny moment this time around. The teacher handed her some blocks and asked her to name the shapes. Gracie rattled them off, no problem. Next the teacher handed her a bundle of crayons and asked Gracie to tell her what color the crayons were. Gracie picked up the red and turned it around and around just looking at it. This went on for a little bit too long and honestly the silence was making me quite uncomfortable. "How could she not know the color red?" I was thinking to myself. Finally she found the spot she was looking for on the label and slowly sounded out the word "red." Next she picked up a purple crayon and read from the label, "violet." She repeated this for each of the colors. The teacher turned and looked at me kind of surprised and asked me if she was reading already? It was a classic Gracie moment and it was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud.


Suzann said...

Glad you're back online!
She looks so cute in that dress, and it sounds like she is more than ready for kindergarten. I think that it is nice to have the summer break. Everyone needs it; parents and kids. I'd like to set her up with Brock in about 15 years:)She is too cute!

Hendricksonblog said...

She looks ready now are you? I cant stand the back and forth of kindergarten but at the same time I am excited for Ella to go because she is so excited.

Mom and Dad said...

I loved the crayon story. It reminds me of when you flunked your kindergarten assessment because you were too shy to talk to the aide who came in to do the testing. It didn't bother you, but it nearly killed me that they failed to recognize your brilliance.
She looked adorable.