Friday, August 22, 2008

10 Years

10 years ago today I waved goodbye to the single life and became a married woman. I won't mention any names, but I know there were some people who thought that I might never say "I do." I'm pretty sure there was more than one sigh of relief breathed on my behalf that day. I wasn't very old according to the world's standards, but in our LDS culture I was certainly getting up there in years.

I thought I was finally ready to take the plunge. I had traveled. I had worked. I had lived away from home and survived all kinds of "interesting" roommates. I had experienced college life. (I married Adam just a few days after I finished my last college class.) I knew what I was looking for. I had dated and I had learned from my mistakes. I had been through painful break-ups and broken hearts - sometimes mine, sometimes not. I had seen close friends marry - and in some cases divorce. But I was ready! In my mind, I was mature, experienced, and prepared. And even more importantly I was in love.

I honestly thought I knew what I was getting into, but looking back now it's almost laughable how naive I really was.

The truth is that the last 10 years haven't exactly been the textbook definition of marital bliss. Don't get me wrong, there has been plenty of happiness and fulfillment along the way, but there has also been enough frustration and discouragement mixed in to keep us grounded. When we got married, Adam still had 3 years of school ahead of him. Children didn't come as easily or abundantly as we would have liked. Our marriage has survived job frustrations, miscommunications, relocations, church callings, financial struggles, construction projects, and major impulse purchases that weren't always discussed or agreed upon beforehand. And after 10 years of marriage we still don't always see eye to eye on issues like finances, parenting, adoption, and mountain biking, but we're getting closer.

It hasn't always been easy, but marriage has also brought me more happiness that I could have imagined 10 years ago. I mean how could I have known then how it would feel to see my husband finally graduate and get his first "real" job? Or to move into our first home? Or to hold my newborn babies for the first time? Or to see those babies grow up and play bucking bronco on the trampoline or make dangerously long bicycle trains with their daddy? Or to watch firsthand as they start to gain a testimony? I had no idea life could be this good!

And I can honestly say that if I could turn back time...I'd do it all over again.


Hollie and Colby said...


I cannot believe that it has been 10 years since your beautiful wedding day! I have always admired your honest, no nonsense approach to life and your post made me giggle and reflect on the past 10 years and lessons learned.

You have built a strong foundation for your darling little family. I wish you 10 years of more fun life lessons and joy.

I hope you know how very wonderful you were then and how absolutely fabulous you are now!


Suzann said...

Congratulations you guys! I hope you had an awesome aniversary! It's so refreshing to read an honest assessment of marriage, because then I know that we're not so crazy!

Jessica said...

I read this aloud to Powell and we got a kick out of it. Very entertaining. You guys are great! We are right behind you on the 10 years!

Christi said...

Happy 10th!!! Wish you both many more happy years together.

Mom and Dad said...

I'm so glad you made such a great choice for your life's most important decision. I've decided if you get that right, you can get through most anything. Congrats!

The Sumsions said...

I'm soooo glad we finally connected. I don't know what's up w/ the e-mail. It's been working fine so I don't know (it's So, congrats on 10 yrs and I have to say ditto to Hollie's comments. You are all that and more girl. And, just for the record, I always knew you would get married and good for you for taking your time -as it obviously was the right decision!!

islandmom said...

Hey you! Check your spam folder for some emails from me...I don't think yahoo likes me very much :(

Kroegers Calling said...

It is so wild to think that we were all married within six weeks of each other and that was ten years ago. Crazy!! Crazier yet that we are all still married. Guess we weren't so young and dumb after all. We really need to get together and catch up! Technically we live closer now!


The Wilson Family said...

Hey you guys! Congrats on 10 years! Woohoo! I look back and can't believe how naive we both were. Little did we know the road ahead! So full of joy with a few bumps just to keep us on our toes! hee! Hey Heather - do I hear that there is a celebration party we need to plan??? I'm doing the happy dance for you!

Hollie and Colby said...

I know you are busy, but update the blog already! It's been over a month and I need a little Heather's family fix!