Friday, October 10, 2008

30 Days Hath September...

...and I didn't blog on a single one of them. But it's a new month, and the blogging vacation is officially over.

Here's the run-down on what we've been up to the last month or so:

Dallin started 2nd grade. If you ask him how he likes school, he'll probably shrug and then tell you, "It's too easy."

Gracie started Kindergarten. I didn't cry when I dropped her off the first day...or the next day...or the next. You get the picture. But I reserve the right to cry and have a pity party a year from now when my "baby" leaves me all day for 1st grade.

Here she is with her BFF, Sophie.

Gracie turned and looked at me as her class was going inside on the first day. That's more than Dallin did on his first day of K, so I guess she might like me after all. But then again, when I go to pick her up after school, she begs to stay with Mrs. W. just a little bit longer. She's completely in love with her teacher and even says that Mrs. W. looks just like Snow White. If you ask me, Mrs. W. must be a little bit magical to have not just 7, but 27 little dwarfs hanging on her every word. She's amazing!

In other news, Dallin just finished his first season of flag football.

And Gracie hit the soccer field again. She had been on an 18-month hiatus after she realized that she could get the same snacks at home - and without all that running around. Her final game was rained out, so now we can cross soccer off our list - at least until next Spring.

Gracie also hung up her leotard and ballet shoes this Fall in exchange for group singing classes. We found a lady who is teaching lessons in her basement. She has a cute stage down there complete with lighting and musical instruments. Gracie is in her element there for sure. Her big dream is to be on American Idol one day - that or a High School Musical movie. She really wanted to do dance, AND singing, AND soccer, AND tumbling, AND a cheer clinic. But I was a mean mom and made her choose what she wanted to do most.

As for me, I was released as the ward Relief Society President. I've been in the RS presidency since Gracie was a baby. She'll be 6 in just a couple weeks, and she can't remember life any other way. She literally jumped up and down and did the happy dance when I told her I was getting released. "YAY, no more food orders!" she cheered. While it's been nice to have the weight lifted off my shoulders, it's also been harder than I thought it would be to sit back and let it all go. I still lay awake at night worrying about the sisters I've grown to love so much.

Adam has been spending every spare moment on his mountain bike trying to get in as many "final" rides as he can before the snow flies - which could be any day now considering where we live. His mountain bike had a near-death experience when it flew off the back of his bike rack on I-15 a couple of weeks ago. Luckily the airborne bike didn't kill or maim anyone, and Adam wasn't hit by a semi while darting onto the freeway waving his arms trying to rescue his "baby." He claimed he was swearing off mountain biking for good after that little mishap, but he didn't fool me. The bike was in critical condition for a few days, but after some TLC and a big chunk of change, it's back in working order. Adam was out enjoying the "maiden voyage" on his new and improved bike less than a week after the accident.

I'm glad he's happy, but do you know what would make me happy? Packing up the bike, the helmet, and the smokin' hot spandex pants for the winter. I'm really looking forward to reclaiming my husband, my evenings, and my weekends for a while...well for a few days at least. You know - until the Jazz season starts again. LOL! A girl can dream, right?


stephanie huff said...

a dream!that is all it will ever be.

Kelly said...

Amen, Sister. Weren't you a little bit glad inside when the bike got injured? And aren't you a little bit happy that the weather was too bad for Moab this weekend? It's really a trade-off though because now it's hours of watching football and soon basketball.

Suzann said...

Your posts always make me laugh! Especially the stories about Adam. Enjoy all your extra time! I can't believe you did it for 6 years!

Kroegers Calling said...

Now you will have time to come visit!! Just tell Adam he can bring the mountain bike. You can ride here all year long!

The Sumsions said...

You're back!! Yay! I've been missing you. I hear you about the love/hate relationship with callings. I did YW Presidency for about 7 years and we've been in our new ward almost 9 months and I'm still in Primary. I love that I have time to myself, but I miss it like crazy - not the calling necessarily, but the relationships! At least with the Jazz games Adam will be at home where you can actually see him - not the case with the mountain bike!

Chad said...

Finally an update from the Huff's, yeah! We missed you guys at the barbecue, oh wait, we missed the barbecue too. Oh wait, we never had the darn barbecue. Geez!