Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby Neve

Baby Neve was born on Sunday. The kids were dying to meet her, so we headed down on Monday for family night. Here's Ella and Gracie and her sweet new baby cousin:

Neve has adorable chubby cheeks and the tiniest little "thunder thighs" you've ever seen. Pretty impressive for a 1-day-old. Congrats Dave and April.


islandmom said...

Those are the most ADORABLE chubby cheeks EVER!!!! :)

The Jensens said...

Oh how cute!! I can't wait for baby Kynley- Gracie looks so cute holding a little baby. What a little mommy!

Liz said...

She is very cute! I can't wait until we all get better so we can meet her!

Hendricksonblog said...

Thanks for coming to see her. I really didnt mind but I just felt bad that you had to wait and then couldnt stay very long. I just hate sleeping in that bed.
I would love copies of the pictures you took since I am always holding her and dont take as many as I would like.
BTW my kids would love that place you went to for fall break. We love corn in our underwear.