Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Farm Fun!

Over the last few years, it's become a tradition for the kids and I to go to the pumpkin patch during Fall Break. I guess it's a tradition we all enjoy because the kids were begging to go again this year I was actually excited to take them.

We always have to start at the "corn box." It's like a sandbox...but with corn instead. Adam covered our sandbox with concrete this past summer. He promised the kids he would build a new one, but I'm wondering if there's any way we could get one of these instead. Corn is a lot easier to shake out of their hair, clothes, and underwear than sand. But then again - it's been a week and a half and I'm still finding corn in the laundry.

Here are some more pictures from our day:

the hayride to the pumpkin patch

hay jumping

the giant hay slide
(that's Dallin going down head first)

pony rides

the petting zoo

the pedal karts
(Dallin's favorite)

the animal train
(Gracie's favorite)

the kids and their pumpkins
(My favorite)

I'm pretty sure this tradition is going to stick. So...anyone want to join us next Fall Break?


stephanie huff said...

Looks like you all had a great time! I might join you in about two years. When I no longer have a two year old, it might be fun.

The Jensens said...

How fun- Where is that at? I would love to join you next year. Kelton is always asking when he can hang out with Gracie. We need to do more things together!!

Missy said...

Count me in...I'm always good for a great time! So glad you turned us on to Hee Haw...we'll be going every year! Atleast until the condos take over.

The Harrison's said...

I'm laughing about the corn because yesterday (5 days after we went) I found Brinley with a kernel in her mouth. I also found a few pieces on her changing table 2 days ago! How fun.

Hollie and Colby said...

I love these photos! Your kids look so big and so cute! Maybe when Baby Reuben is able to walk and climb we will have to take you up on the offer to join up!

Hendricksonblog said...

So since Dave never gets on here and he doesnt even know our blog address I will say one thing that I know he would say after seeing those pictures. "Corn, when did I eat corn"?